Canon C300 MKII: First Look at the new Canon Log 3 Gamma

Introduction Isn’t it amazing how time flies?! It’s been nine months to the day since I posted my initial reviews of the Canon C300 MKII: Part I and Part II. I’ve gotten so much great feedback from people as they started playing around with the camera, so I wanted to continue the conversation with my […]


International Travel Info

I have been traveling for work for many years. Whenever I’m prepping to leave, a list of questions always seems to come up. What kind of plug adapters do I need, and do I also need a voltage converter? Is this a carnet country? What currency do they have? What’s the exchange rate?   Previously, […]


Canon C300 MKII Review: Part 2

INTRODUCTION Canon introduced some pretty amazing specs into their new camera. With the ability to record HD, 2K, UHD, and 4K internally up to RGB444 12-bit, you can be sure the camera will be up to any challenge. But at the core, what really matters is not only the resolution, but how the camera interprets […]


Canon C300 MKII Review: Part 1

Introduction I’m very excited to share my thoughts of the new Canon C300 MK II with you. I was lucky enough to receive my camera early, so I hit the ground running! I’ve shot handheld verite, sit-down interviews, stylized recreations, and even some wooden sailboat restoration in Newport, RI over the last few weeks. There’s been a […]


Cartel Land featured in American Cinematographer

Matt Heineman and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Iain Stasukevich of American Cinematographer magazine to talk about our shooting process and style of Cartel Land. I’ve been reading this magazine since high school, so to be honored in its pages is an absolute dream come true. American Cinematographer continually pushes and inspires us […]


Wireless HDMI for $300

I’ve recently been looking into a lost-cost solution for a wireless director’s monitor and/or AC focus monitor, without the expense and commitment of a high-end / high-price wireless transmitter-reciever set. I do most of my shooting on a Canon C300 that provides both HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, so my HDMI port sits mostly un-used. I […]