Sundance 2019 – “Tigerland”: Hear Me Roar

HD Video Pro – by Simon Wakelin

“Directed by Academy Award winner Ross Kauffman (“Born into Brothels”), the film is an enthralling documentary that examines mankind’s relationship with one of the world’s most revered creatures by focusing on activists who track down and attempt to save the endangered tigers in Russia and India.”
“Matt enjoys sharing what he’s learned about the technical aspects of his craft. Recently, we had the chance sit down for an in-depth discussion on his current favorite gear.”
“Thankfully for Matt, he has done all of the hard work and compiled all of the results into a nice resource for all of us to use. Not only has he put together these cheat sheets but you can also watch video footage showing how the different combinations of material changes how the light wraps around the subject.”

‘The Trade:’ Perspectives On a Crisis

American Cinematographer – by Jay Holben

The Trade is a five-part Showtime documentary mini-series that follows every step of the heroin problem — from the addicts and their families to the dealers to law enforcement trying to stop the trade to the traffickers bringing drugs across the boarder to farmers harvesting opium poppies in the fields to the cartel bosses in Mexico. Every facet of the supply chain is investigated in detail. “

‘The Trade’ TV Review Sundance 2018

Hollywood Reporter – by Daniel Fienberg

The Trade is, like Heineman’s other documentaries, beautifully shot. The lush poppy fields, sparkling skylines and images of urban squalor and suburban sterility are lovingly captured, as are even conventional talking heads or intimate close-ups. It seems like such a small thing, but the amount of scene coverage the editors have to work with makes The Trade look like carefully composed narrative cinema.”
“AbelCine has partnered with Cartel Land cinematographer Matt Porwoll to give viewers a hands-on look at many of the best lenses available on the market. Often, the true quality of a lens is drowned out by endless tech specs, so this series focuses on the non-technical aspects of cinematography. It’s all about the look each lens produces.”
“The eye of “Cartel Land” cinematographer Matt Porwoll beautifully captures farmland from above, as well as reflecting the lives of the individual animals featured on screen.”

Production Slate – Boundless Strife

American Cinematographer – by Iain Stasukevich

“The filmmakers draw a hard line between representation and direct influence. ‘You direct by choosing where to point the camera, when you make editing decisions in your head about coverage,’ Porwoll says. ‘But you also have to react the what’s happening and let the subject direct the action.'”

“Cartel Land” Vigilantes Take on the Drug Wars

Latin Heat – by Roxelana Trinidad

“For the duration of the 98-minute of the film, with its beautifully shot scenes and its brutally raw reality, I dared not look away. It’s remarkable to think that Heineman and fellow cinematographer Matt Porwoll put themselves in the line fire in order to capture the immensity of the situation. We wouldn’t be surprised if the golden statue landed in their hands.”

“Cartel Land”: Film Review

Hollywood Reporter – by Duane Byrge

“While there’s no minimizing the valor and skill of the filmmaker, credit also goes to his talented co-cinematographer, Matt Porwoll, for capturing the mayhem and malice in the lands ravaged by the cartels.”
“In the age of accessible, high quality cameras and lenses, we are constantly working to bring our stories to light in the most cinematic way possible, but we also have to be mindful to not over-complicate or diminish the story with excessive technical (and, by default, complicated) influence.”
“I love working in documentaries. They provide a challenge and an excitement that you can’t get anywhere else. Your goal is to observe what is happening in front of you and respond in a way that effectively translates that feeling or moment to your audience.”

Brooklynphono: A Documentary Short filmed with the Canon EOS C300 Mark II

Canon Digital Learning Center Video Tutorial Series

“Go behind the scenes as Matt Porwoll takes us through his (C300 MKII) camera builds, his custom settings including assignable buttons, resolution and color space options, as well as his lighting setup for the shoot.”